Memories Around Us

Father Kissing Baby ca. 2000

Memories Around Us was founded in 2007 and it all began in our bathroom.

That’s right! After ten years of marriage, my wife and I decided to remove a “so called” personalized wedding poem because it was anything but personal. Although it displayed our first names, the rest of the poem was completely generic and failed to capture us as a couple.

I remember saying to my wife that I wish someone would write a poem that was truly personal from start to finish. She responded with a challenge for me to be that person. “Our Wedding Day” became our first product offering and we have since created additional poetic memories displayed within this web site.

If you’re searching for a product that is unique and personal, you can find it in the rolling hills of Ferdinand, Indiana, where Memories Around Us creates, assembles, and ships poetic memories.

To get started, view our products page here. Select the memorable gift you wish to be created and add it to your cart. Fill out the questionnaire and Memories Around Us will take care of the rest.