Our Wedding Day


A poetic memory designed for wedding day couples.

You’ll fill out a questionnaire at checkout, and then we will transform your answers into a beautiful poem. To view a printable questionnaire, click here. To view a sample poem, click here.



“Our Wedding Day” is a poetic memory designed for wedding day couples. Simply answer questions about the couple and this meaningful information will enable us to capture their lives from birth to wedding. You may recall a wedding reception where the Best Man (or Maid of Honor) proposed a toast that was less than ideal. “Our Wedding Day” is the perfect solution for a wedding day toast.

While other personalized products capture first names, we capture much more…

  • Full Names
  • Nicknames
  • Maiden Name
  • Dates of Birth
  • Parent Names
  • Home Towns
  • Home States
  • Initial Sparks
  • Dating
  • Engagement
  • The Wedding Day

The result is a keepsake that is truly unique, personal, and uncommonly affordable.

Additional information


Decorative Gold, None

Photo Layout

One Oval Photo, Two Square Photos


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